Capital Access Solutions

In the life of any business, capital is always a paramount issue.  The Meacham Woodfield Team will provide you a comprehensive plan for the design and implementation of a sound capital access solution specifically tailored to your business needs.

Meacham Woodfield will provide an evaluation of your capital requirements, balancing short term demands with the need to create a stable capital environment for growth.  As part of the analytical process, Meacham Woodfield will provide an evaluation of the:

  • Current  capitalization structure;
  • Impact of dilution on existing equity financial stakeholders;
  • Priority of debt elements; and
  • The post closing impact of the financing on each tranche of the capital structure.

Meacham Woodfield will assist the business to analyze and design the securities or debt to be offered.  Determining the correct type of security is at the heart of creating a sound capital access solution.  Meacham Woodfield has the experience, market understanding, network and analytical capacity to provide this essential step.

After the securities are designed, Meacham Woodfield, working with company counsel, will assist in the preparation of the appropriate presentation and offering materials.  Having well prepared and presented investor materials is crucial to success in consummating a capital access solution.

Drawing upon its experience and broad network, the Meacham Woodfield Team will assist the company with identification of and negotiation and closing with potential investors.  The Meacham Woodfield Team brings background, network and experience to facilitate a successful realization of the capital access solution.