Information Technology (IT)

Across all industries, Information Technology (IT) offers one of the most profound opportunities to impact business value.

When you select Meacham Woodfield as your advisory partner, we can perform an opportunity assessment of your current IT situation and deliver a high level roadmap for the future that is aligned with your business priorities.  This exercise will set the context for capital requirements, organization impacts and how to move forward to become sound and operationally competitive in all IT matters.

Working with you, Meacham Woodfield can provide advisory as well as hands on management services at any level during your IT business transformation.  Our services can include the all  the detailed planning, technology selection, technology development, organization development, business process re-engineering and end-to-end implementation as needed to deliver your customized IT business plan.

When you choose Meacham Woodfield as you partner, you also have access to the Meacham Woodfield network of IT vendors and partners.  Meacham Woodfield will negotiate with and manage those selected vendors who are appropriate to your engagements.

The Meacham Woodfield Team has proven experience and results providing comprehensive IT advisory services to small, large and multi-national enterprises.