Corporate Transactions

The principals of Meacham Woodfield have extensive experience as advisory partners to financial sponsors, boards of directors, management teams and entrepreneurs on methods to start, grow and optimize businesses.  The principals of Meacham Woodfield will partner with you to evaluate, analyze and implement the most desirable means for you to realize upon your business objectives.

Mergers and acquisitions can be an extremely effective and efficient source of growth.  You can rely upon Meacham Woodfield’s many years of experience to assist at every stage from:

  • Merger or acquisition candidate identification;
  • Due diligence;
  • Transaction structuring and negotiation;
  • Identifying and securing appropriate financing support; through to
  • Closing of the transaction.

Consolidations, a special subset of mergers and acquisitions, sometimes referred to as roll ups, envision an opportunity for market leadership by consolidating two or more companies in a defined product and geographic market area.  Meacham Woodfield has long experience and in depth understanding of the consolidation process.  Meacham Woodfield will evaluate potential roll up candidates and advise on certain regulatory,  financing  and integration considerations that are unique to consolidation planning.

Joint ventures from time to time may make better sense than a merger or acquisition.  Analysis of potential joint venture partners, due diligence, advice on the form and terms of the joint venture agreement, capital allocation and distribution among the joint venturers, and closing the transaction will all be a part of the guidance you will receive from Meacham Woodfield.

Integration planning and execution are crucial elements in any successful corporate transaction.  By selecting Meacham Woodfield as your advisory partner, you assure that you are getting advice from hands-on partners with deep experience in the real world design and implementation of integration plans in a wide variety of settings and industries.

Sales and divestitures are also an important part of any business strategy. When the need arises to sell or divest all or part of a business, have Meacham Woodfield become your advisory partner. You will be assured of experienced advisors who will create a marketing strategy for the business or unit (e.g. auction or targeted sale), prepare valuations of the property, identify, reach out to and negotiate with prospective acquirers, advise on purchaser selection and assist in closing the transaction.