Restructurings and Recaps

From time to time good businesses face operating or financial challenges, or a combination of both, which may call for a restructuring or recapitalization of the business, in whole or in part.  When those circumstances arise, you can rely upon Meacham Woodfield to deliver a candid financial review of the challenges facing the business.  Possible alternatives such as recapitalization, debt restructuring and relief, new capital (debt or equity) access solutionscost reduction, asset divestitures or sale of the business will all be considered within the context of the client’s objectives.

The Meacham Woodfield Team will provide evaluations of:

  • Physical assets;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Business lines;
  • Products or services offered to the market; and
  • Internal processes.

When a business is facing challenges with its trade and institutional creditors, Meacham Woodfield can assume the task to deal with overall creditor management. Meacham Woodfield will relieve the management team of the burden and anxiety of dealing with day to day creditor inquiries, demands and actions.  With the Meacham Woodfield Team engaged, management will be able to concentrate on its core competency of productively running the business, meeting market demands and turning a profit.

There are times when a comprehensive reorganization of the business is required.  The Meacham Woodfield Team will assist with evaluation and recommendations of available alternatives. Meacham Woodfield’s principals have the experience, ability and judgment to devise the optimal solution, whether in court (e.g. Chapter 11) or out of court, to those situations where reorganization is needed.